The new gyroplane developed by our team made its first flight a couple days ago in the Aviation center Voskresensk

The new Russian model of gyroplane was created on the basis of the German MTOsport. As you know, the production of MTOsport was stopped in Germany. Although it was their most popular, affordable and the most successful of their models. We negotiated with the German new management of AutoGyro regarding the transfer of MTOsport production in the Moscow region. But we have not reached an agreement. Because of this we decided to create our own gyroplane.

The new gyroplane has many differences. Although initially the task was to preserve most of the constructive solutions of MTOsport. The reason is to accelerate the certification process in Germany of the new aircraft. By the way, in the next few days it will be held a Drop-test in Voskresensk, necessary to obtain a DULF Type Certificate of a new gyro.

The body is made on a modular basis. It consists of three parts: the front and two easily removable rear side panels. The body design has become more elegant. The body and tail are made of carbon fiber.

The gyroplane is equipped with two powerful landing LED-lights. Maximum power more is more than 1200 lumens. Now the headlights can really be called landing lights. Headlights have two modes: landing and for taxiing.

The design of pedals has been changed. Now they have a wide range of adjustments for any growth of the pilot.

The rotor hub and rotor control system are made of titanium.

A new composite spring was developed and manufactured for this gyroplane. Wheels and brakes-a are from well-deserved company Behringer.

A frame has undergone some changes. As a result, we significantly reduce the total weight of the gyroplane. Eventually the new model is lighter by 20 kg.

After test flights pilots reported a good stability and handling of a gyro.

Simultaneously with the development of the gyroplane we also were working on creating a new rotor system. The new rotor system has already passed two test flights. The new rotors have become more flying. The new rotor-hub saved the rotor from high-frequency vibrations. These roots will go on sale under the brand URAL Rotor System.